When to Start Buying Baby Clothes During Pregnancy

When to Start Buying Baby Stuff During Pregnancy

Buying baby clothes opens up a whole new world of shopping. You will be very excited about shopping for these lovely items. At first you will always be overwhelmed because there are so many choices and everything is extremely cute. Even if you have had experience preparing newborn stuff before, you cannot resist the excitement of preparing for a “little baby” that is about to be born. However, what to buy and when to buy newborn clothes?

Shopping for newborns

Studies to create diverse and safe newborn items are constantly evolving. You will be amazed at this incredible growth. Items bought for older babies a few years ago that you thought were “latest” or “most modern” are now obsolete. However, babies don’t really care about that. The only thing he noticed right now is the love of his parents, well-fed, warm cradles and other needs to be met.

Parents often think that preparing a proper  newborn  is a way to show affection to their children. But not always. Because the baby’s needs are really simple.

Blue or pink?

In addition to the mandatory items such as cradles, strollers, car seats, you will have a lot of choices when shopping for baby clothes. If you go shopping when your baby’s gender is unknown, choose white, green or polite ones. Some pregnant women can feel their gender very well, so they will buy a series of blue or only pink items. Your intuition can fool you. Even the fetal ultrasound results are not 100% sure of the sex of the baby.

The most appropriate time to shop

You do not know when to buy newborn clothes? Actually, you also do not know when is the most appropriate time. Some pregnant women usually wait until the second quarter to start choosing baby clothes. If you have kids, you can use a lot of things again. Or you can borrow and share with friends who have children, so will save a lot also.

If your budget is limited, you can buy them slowly. Things like shower gel, laundry detergent, fabric softener, diaper or wet tissue are almost always available, so you’ll avoid spending too much money on stock. If your friend or family offers you a gift, just accept it. In addition to being happy with the gift you receive, you have the flexibility to buy other things for your baby.

You should go shopping with your husband. At first, your husband doesn’t seem very excited. But this is a good way for men to begin to adapt to their new roles in the family and prepare for the birth of the baby. Or you can go with a sister or a close friend, they will always give you useful tips for choosing baby clothes. Shopping is the “job” of the girls!

Essential items for babies and young children

  • Baby cribs, stroller, wet wipes and newborn  diapers for easy cleaning, changing diapers for babies even when needed. You should also buy an extra chair to use when feeding your baby as long as your back is comfortable, sitting up and down easily.
  • Clothing for babies is a must with many types such as pants, tops, jumpsuit, pajamas, even sleeping bags. You will be given a lot of clothes for your baby. So you should take advantage of them including the rather sophisticated clothes if your baby wears at home. Because the baby grows very fast, he will not wear clothes in time will be tight, very costly.
  • The sheets are suitable for the weather so your baby will always feel comfortable and dry. You should remember to buy more waterproof pads below.
  • Washing machine, dryer and hanger.
  • Most parents like to buy a rocking chair to relax their baby. There are many types to choose from. Some seats even have baby toys hanging out.
  • The bigger the baby, the more hyperactive. That’s when you need to shop for baby safety equipment such as blocking the door to avoid hand gripping, electrical outlet covers, medicine cabinet locks, anti-slip mats .

Ensure safety for children when traveling by car

  • In some countries, by law, all children under 7 years old are required to sit in separate seats in the car. There are many different brands and chair designs, so choose a chair that meets your baby’s safety standards. Usually 9-12 kg baby will sit in the seat facing the rear of the car. Baby 8-18 kg will sit facing forward. Compact seats will be reserved for babies 14-26 kg.
  • You should put a few toys on the car to attract the attention of the baby. This way you will also focus on driving.
  • You should buy a clear type of light shield to cover the car window, reducing sun glare while not worrying about your vision being affected.
  • If your baby is bottle-fed, you should also keep in a car a thermos bottle to keep your baby’s bottle warm. Adding a box of ready-to-use formula is sufficient.

Home appliances

  • You should let your baby sleep in a quiet place in the house. But make sure the baby cries, you can still hear. Some parents buy more crying loudspeakers so they can always be there when they hear about their child.
  • Toy rugs. You can choose a light-colored carpet and a mobile frame to keep toys swinging high up for your baby. A few months old babies usually only see good white and black. Therefore, you should choose black and white toys to stimulate your baby. Do not forget to buy a few more cloth books for your baby.
  • Some parents buy extra cot to keep baby safe whenever they have to go.
  • Fake TV – even if you do not support your baby to use fake TV, you should buy one in case. Prosthetics can help soothe your baby when they’re uncomfortable.