What Is the Best Baby Carrier for Petite Moms?

What Is the Best Baby Carrier for Petite Moms

Babywearing is an age-old practice and helps strengthen the bond between you and your little one. Baby carriers let you have your things done while holding your little angel close to you. It makes your hands and arms free to engage in other activities.

If you are a petite mom like me, choosing the best baby carrier for your little one can be challenging. Nowadays, you can find many adjustable and customizable baby carriers in the market. The comfort levels of both the mom and baby are an important criterion for finding out the best baby carrier for petite moms.

Why a baby carrier is good for you and your baby?

Your baby would have enjoyed being carried inside your cozy womb for 9 months. Undoubtedly, your baby will love to have the same snug and secure feeling until toddler years. So, I would say a baby carrier is a boon for both mom and her baby.

A baby carrier not only keeps your hands free but also enhances oxytocin levels in your body. This helps to strengthen the maternal bond between you and your baby. Above all, a baby carrier can considerably decrease the crying time of your baby.

How to select the best baby carrier?

Before you buy a baby carrier for your little angel, you need to consider these important factors:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Ease of use
  • Machine Washability
  • Climate

What Is the Best Baby Carrier for Petite Moms

Types of baby carriers

There are different baby carriers for petite moms in the market. The following types will assist you to pick the right choice of baby carriers so it will be secure for both mom and baby.

Ring Slings: You can find solid metal rings having a long piece of cloth attached in ring slings. It is an excellent choice for petite moms as it is adjustable and customizable. The metal rings make this baby carrier more secure and tight.

Advantages of Ring Slings:

  • Allow a bit of airflow and well suited for tropical climates.
  • User friendly.

Disadvantages of Ring Slings:

  • Weight distribution is not even throughout your body. Maximum pressure is on your shoulder.
  • Mostly, you cannot wash ring slings using a machine because it warps the fabric.

Buckle carriers: Although this baby carrier is very common, it does not suit petite moms. Buckle carriers have broad waistband which wouldn’t be perfect for you if you are a petite mom.

Meh dai: This baby carrier is perfect for petite moms as it is enormously flexible. It comes with wide cloth straps making you and your baby feel comfortable and secure.

Wraps: You can have a comfortable time using this after you get a little practice and get to know how to use it. Wraps are flexible and suit everyone regardless of your height.

Pouch Slings: You can get this baby carrier for a cheap price. But pouch slings are difficult to adjust and I wouldn’t recommend this to you considering its safety issues.

How to select the best baby carrier for petite moms?

Petite moms should always be meticulous while buying baby carriers.  The inappropriate size of the baby carrier not only results in your discomfort but also is not safe for your little one. I would like to share some tips that might help you in selecting the best baby carrier for petite moms, or you can click here for more information.

Here are some features and factors that you should watch out for, especially if you are a petite mom.


You must make sure that the baby carrier is adjustable. Also, monitor the size, straps, and waist belt of the baby carrier while buying. Many times the ones that claim to be universal fits might not be the perfect one for you.


The best baby carriers for petite moms must have your baby’s weight distributed evenly across your body. Your comfort matters! Just because you are a petite mom, it doesn’t mean you can’t carry your baby comfortably.


This feature is to get paid utmost importance, just like your comfortability. The safety of your little angel can assure by selecting a baby carrier with the safety standards. Always make sure your baby is tightly attached to your body, and the carrier firmly secured.


This is an important factor to consider if you are a breast-feeding mom. Proper coverage is necessary to keep feeding your baby on time and comfortably breastfeed in public places.What Is the Best Baby Carrier for Petite Moms


The baby carrier that you choose should be able to protect your baby from the extreme weather in your place. It is better to buy a carrier which suits both cold and hot weather as the weather keeps changing and also you may travel to different places.

Baby’s age:

You can choose the size of your baby carrier depending on your child’s age. Nowadays, baby carriers are customizable and can change to a different size as and when your child grows. I recommend a ring or pouch sling for a newborn baby to facilitate breastfeeding.

Ergonomic M-Shape:

It is important to keep this in mind as ergonomic carriers support the natural baby posture and aids in the proper hip and spine growth of your child. Ergonomic carriers disperse your baby’s weight on your shoulder to relieve unwanted pressure on your back and neck.

The summary

In summary, petite moms should be cautious before buying any baby gear products from the market. This is mainly to assure your baby’s safety. You must make sure that the baby carrier is comfortable to both you and your baby.

An ideal baby carrier should disperse your baby’s weight across your body. Also, it must help in the proper growth of your baby’s hip and spin and shouldn’t bend the baby’s legs. The baby carrier should be adjustable and customizable with the varying size of your baby with time.

Hope this article helps in choosing the right option from the different and the best baby carriers for petite moms. Whichever one you choose, your baby will just love being super close to you.