The Leg Pain You Feel During Pregnancy

The Leg Pain You Feel During Pregnancy

Being pregnant comes with its out of the blue leg pain. Women who been pregnant know what I talk about. Time to get out the best shoes for pregnancy you can find. The pain you feel between the legs. The husband won’t know because you won’t say. But, its there and its not going away for a awhile. It feels like the end of the world but it is not. Your pain will go away in time. You just got to know how to adjust to it. Pain is just a feeling remember.

What Causes Leg Pain

Sciatic nerve is what cause you to have problems down there. During your pregnant months, the nerves in your legs start to get pressure. The pressure is from the weight being pushed down on your uterus by the baby. Your body is not use to the pressure. It reacts to extra weight to the legs. Now, it is not guaranteed that you will have pain during pregnancy. It is also not guaranteed that you will have leg pain from sciatic nerve being weighed down. The leg pain can also be caused by leg cramps or a deep vein burst.

How Do I Treat It

It depends on how bad the leg pain is. If the pain is very small, you can wear the best shoes for pregnancy that you can find. This will reduce the weight on your belly and legs. It will lower the pressure and smooth out your joints. Your body will feel easier to move. If you find the pain in legs to be more serve then a little bit, you should take some form of medication. Specifically, you should take anticoagulation meds. Increasing the potassium in your diet can help to reduce the leg pain as well. But, it doesn’t always work. If none of the options we mention work, go see a doctor. They will most likely prescribe you some sort of prescription medication.

When Do I Need a Doctor

You should see a doctor when the leg pain makes you very weak. The leg pain you receive while pregnant will probably go away. Most people do not have the pain for more then 3 to 4 weeks. Its nothing to really worry about. Only worry when it gets bad. I mean so bad to the point when you can’t sit down and watch tv. It never goes away and it keeps pressing you over. That is the right time to go see a doctor. Relax, they will most likely tell you to take some medication.

If you feel you do not need a doctor, you are probably right. Not every pain you experience requires the aid of a doctor. Maybe you need to rest your leg more. Put it up on a kick stand. Maybe you need to sleep more then you normally do while pregnant. Inn general, do not freak out because you have leg pain after being pregnant. Your just having the normal pain that all women have while pregnant. It is ok. You thinking negative is just going to make it worse then it is. Take a back seat and take it easy. The pain should go away.