Maternity Band Buying Guide

Along with the many joys of pregnancy comes the many physical symptoms as well.  A Maternity band (pregnancy supportbands) have been around a while and can aid in the relief of many of these symptoms.  Back pain and lower abdomen pain from pressure are a couple of common physical symptoms that can be very painful throughout pregnancy. Some other symptoms that are common during pregnancy are bladder pressure, varicose veins, swelling, stretch marks, decreased circulation in pelvis, and contractions. Maternity belts can also help in getting relief of these many common symptoms.


There are belts that are designed to offer more back support and some that offer more abdominal support. Many are designed to offer both. There is also clothing made with built in support. Support belts also range in a wide variety of support levels, offering light, moderate, and heavy support designed accordingly on your personal needs. Depending on the intensity of your symptoms, there is a maternity band designed for you!

In addition to helping alleviating physical symptoms, maternity bands also help in contributing to comfort and support during exercise and other physical activities or tasks. Many women use a lighter support belt during the beginning of their pregnancy and switch to a heavier support belt during the latter stages. The heavier support belt helps when women need more abdominal and back support due to their increasingly larger belly. Pregnancy support belts help lift their belly and offer support the abdominals to help prevent the wear and tear that naturally occurs with their growing belly.

With such an increase in physical activity and the search for more comfort and support during pregnancy, the variety of maternity bands have become more popular and in more in demand for women everywhere. You can find them sold in baby stores and maternity stores all over the world, and of course, online. There are various brands as well. Some popular and highy recommended manufacturers of maternity bands include brands like Loving Comfort, Gabrialla, Prenatal Cradle, and BellaBand.

Maternity bands can be very helpful and useful in finding comfort from the common yet painful physical symptoms of pregnancy. They can also offer extra support and comfort in accomplishing numerous physical tasks and maintaining your exercise throughout all stages of pregnancy. Some women could not imagine going without a pregnancy support belt due to their success and positive outcome of wearing one during their pregnancy. If you are interested in trying out a maternity band, please consult with your physician beforehand, as all pregnancies and women are different and unique. A maternity band could be just the thing you need!