While the benefits of prenatal massage have certainly been established, there are some precautions to take. Massage during the first trimester is strongly discouraged due to the higher risk of miscarriage. When you do find a certified massage therapist who specializes in pregnancy massage, it is important to discuss what position you will be in during the massage. The American Pregnancy Association recommends a side-lying position, as laying on your back is discouraged after 20 weeks, and special tables with holes for a growing belly can still put pressure on the abdomen and strain uterine ligaments. If you have an increased risk of preterm labor, or if you experience a significant number of Braxton Hicks contractions, prenatal massage is also discouraged as certain pressure points can increase pelvic and uterine contractions in many women.

Discuss with your massage therapist what your goal of pregnancy massage is. If your aim is to reduce aches and pains associated with pregnancy, you will do well with a therapist who can safely target problem areas like the lower back and certain parts of the legs. Use care when having your legs massaged, as again it can begin uterine contractions if performed improperly. If your goal is to simply relax and get a mood booster, a massage therapist who can create a relaxing and serene environment will be highly beneficial to you.

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful treat for a mom-to-be. It offers extensive emotional, mental, and physical benefits to pregnant women. It has been shown to significantly reduce cortisol levels in women, which decreases the risk of preterm labor. It has also showed to increase levels of dopamine in a woman’s brain, which is a feel-good hormone. Low levels of dopamine have been linked to depression in pregnancy, thus raising the levels reduces incidents of depression among pregnant women. Prenatal massage has also shown to increase circulation, which leads to less swelling in women who are prone to retain fluid, as well as relieve the aches and pains associated with a changing center of gravity and increased weight. Overall, the American Pregnancy Association encourages moms to engage in massage during pregnancy unless there are specific medical conditions which are contraindicated.


Getting pregnant is the most beautiful feeling in the life of a girl. However, if they don’t have a sound pregnant insurance policy prior to getting pregnant this period can also involve unexpected stress. The transition into the phrase of motherhood from a woman is an experience that every girl wants to feel with a smile on the face. But there are many aspects of pregnancy that most couples ignore. While every person takes ample health care of the mother and the coming baby, most couples do not take other things like a pregnant insurance seriously.

To start off, pre-natal care is very important which means one has to be very careful as complications in pregnancy can never be predicted. Diagnosis might be done in certain cases but most emergency cases are hard to deal with for the couple. Pregnant insurancekeeps the couple finances stable by covering the expenses that might just happen in the due course of pregnancy. The plans of taking such a insurance should take place at least a year ahead of the planned pregnancy. Once you know that you are pregnant, most companies will not be ready to cover you at the last moment. Health insurance companies come up with a lot of offers and plans that cover the entire family, so it has to be carefully examined and discussed that it covers pregnancy related expenses as well. Pregnant insurance is a often a part of the insurance policy. In certain countries, Medicaid is provided to certain sections of the society and helps low income and struggling women combat financial crunch in pregnancy.

The amount of coverage in health insurance plans is the prime criteria for its selection. Couples generally take up such plans in the earlier stages of marriage. This is where the discussion with your agent will help you get better coverage. Pregnancy – when it becomes a pre-existing condition is not covered under any private health insurance companies in most countries. The extent of the pregnant insurance too has to be viewed. Often there are complications that can happen to the child due to the mother’s existing health condition. These things often lead to declining of claims. So as much the pregnant insurance terms are clear, concise and free of too many terms and conditions, the better is the claiming and taking advantage of the policy. Studies show that a significant number of new born are underweight which gives rise to the critical condition in maximum cases.


Government based policies are often the savior when regarding pregnant insurance. Medicaid and other important policies which are run by government are aimed to make the women self dependent and help them deal with pregnancy when their spouses are not supportive. Also for unmarried women who get unplanned pregnancy, and do not have pregnant insurance already, medical aid from the government is often very helpful. In the crux, getting a health insurance that also has pregnant insurance as a part of it is a very tactful and wise decision for unplanned situations in pregnancy.