Bravado Nursing Bras

Bravado nursing bras have become very popular with new mothers. The company was started almost 18 years ago in a small kitchen. However, Bravado is now a thriving company whose products have been endorsed by very famous celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba. It is common knowledge that celebrities are very picky about their product choices and their trust in Bravado nursing bras suggest that Bravado is a great company and have the best nursing bras. It is a company that practices very

What are the Bravado nursing bras you can find at a Bravado retailer?good ethics and they only use pictures of real moms as their models when coming out with their advertising campaigns. They are also an environmentally conscious green company that participates in donations in their local community. All their nursing bras are test worn by real pregnant women before they come out in the market for the general public to buy.

Bravado nursing bras are mostly sold online. A visit to their website will allow a woman to choose Bravado nursing bras based on the following criteria.

Pregnancy stage – There are Bravado pregnancy bras available for the second and third trimester of a pregnancy. Women in their first trimester generally do not need a nursing bra as the body does will be just fine with regular bras. Apart from the second and third trimester bras, specific Bravado nursing bras are also available for the first 6 weeks of breast feeding and breast feeding beyond the initial 6 week period. Their selections are very good and one will be able to find silk bras, bra tank tops, original nursing bras, underwire nursing bras and many other products when shopping for Bravado nursing bras.

Comfort level – One will also be able to choose Bravado nursing bras for various comfort levels. For example, they sell nursing bras for sleeping and relaxing while they also sell very fashionable and yet comfortable Bravado nursing bras that can be worn for a night out. They also carry a line of work bras that will be both comfortable and appropriate for work as well.

Cup size – Of course, Bravado nursing bras are sold in all cup sizes starting at B. A woman will find their products in cup sizes B,C,D,DD,E,F,DDD,G as well as other sizes such as H/I and J/K.

Other products – Apart from their line of great Bravado nursing bras, Bravado also has an impressive collection of underwear and some accessories that will match most of their popular Bravado nursing bras.

Apart from providing great products, the Bravado website is also a great resource for information on breast feeding. For example, it will provide great information that will allow a woman to find the best breast feeding pattern for her baby. It will also give out a FAQ section that will answer most of the concerns of new moms around the world. It will also give very good advice and guidance on the pre-pregnancy period.

The site also has an impressive online library about nursing and pregnancy and will definitely be worth visiting by any pregnant woman.  Bravado nursing brasare a safe bet for a functional and supportive bra during your pregnancy.

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