Atlas Pregnancy Band

Atlas Pregnancy Band

A pregnancy band and hip shaper in one! Helps lift a mother’s new world, her baby, during the final trimester. By uplifting the pregnant belly and supporting the pregnant body, it reduces the physical trauma of the third trimester. In particular, it lessens back pain, fatigue, swelling and stretch marks. But the Atlas band doesn’t stop there! After birth, it assumes the role of a supportive postpartum band that helps new mothers lose those extra baby inches faster.


Uplift and support during pregnancy, then enhance and tone after natural birth, C-Section, or post-abdominal surgeries. Features: 360 even and controlled compression, completely adjustable, and multifunctional. It’s a pregnancy band that transitions into a postpartum band, back support, and hip shaper.

Many people believe once you’ve had a baby, your body will never be the same again. It certainly seems that way when you consider that recent studies show 72% of new moms gain weight after their baby is born and obesity is the beginning of many health problems plaguing our society.

While these statistics seem disheartening, there’s great news with the Atlas 2-IN-1 Band, an affordable transitional pregnancy band designed for use both during, and after pregnancy. Atlas offers support, motivation, and assistance during pregnancy, and acts as a proactive wrap that continues to work after baby is born.
The long-term benefits of the Atlas 2-IN-1 Band start the recovery process during your pregnancy.

The multifunctional benefits of the Atlas 2-IN-1 Band begin during your second or early third trimester of pregnancy. As a pregnancy band, Atlas lifts and supports your growing belly. This process helps to reduce stretch marks, improve overall circulation, and minimize the traumatic effect of stretched skin and muscles. By wearing the Atlas 2-IN-1 Band during pregnancy, you give yourself a head start on early recovery.

Once your baby is born, the Atlas continues to work in the postpartum recovery process by compressing and supporting your muscles and tissue, encouraging retraction as you transition back to an active lifestyle. The Atlas 2-IN-1 Band is scientifically proven to offer 360 degrees of even compression, offering your body the support needed to get your healthy body back. The measurement feature acts as a motivational guide allowing you to see your progress. The Atlas also acts as a hip shaper and includes a pocket for inserting soothing hot or cold compresses.


  • Back pain and pinched nerves
  • Fatigue
  • Swelling
  • Stretch marks
  • Tension headaches
  • Restricted movement
  • Spine curvature
  • Pressure
  • Circulation
  • Muscle damage
  • Stretched skin
  • Fat deposits