35 Weeks Pregnant

You’ve come to a happy day. In just four weeks the baby will be born. The baby is still perfecting himself to prepare for life outside his mother’s body. Now, if there is premature birth, there is almost no problem with the baby anymore.

Many pregnant women wait a long time in the third trimester to start buying clothes and essentials for babies. They want to make sure everything goes smoothly, they don’t want to prepare it early for fear of “flirting”. If this sounds familiar to you, then you need to know that once your baby is 35 weeks old, you can be sure your baby is okay. Regular visits to your doctor or midwife will help you keep a close eye on your baby’s growth and development. Then, you will become familiar with and understand your body changes from the time you have a baby to the point where you cannot remember what you were before you became pregnant.

You may not feel comfortable in the last few weeks, but you are still a little disappointed that you are no longer pregnant. You are used to having a baby always inside you, feeling every slightest movement, and having a very close and special relationship with the baby. Pregnant mothers may worry that they may not like their babies very much after the baby is born, or may not be close to them. These fears are also normal, and although not all mothers talk about this, it’s normal to have such doubts. Remind yourself that babies are always good at making their parents fall in love with you, and you and your baby will be a natural trio.

How did your body change in week 35?

  • Your back hurts, your pelvis crunches, and your bladder cannot hold more than a few milliliters of water by week 35. Welcome to the last weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunate for you, these last weeks of pregnancy are only useful for the baby, but not for the mother. Your baby is leisurely enjoying the warm life inside the womb, and you have a little feeling like you’re “destined for me”. If you feel that way, don’t worry, you also have the right to feel that way.
  • More pussy discharge at this time and you should wear tampons daily to feel more comfortable. This is also normal, do not pay too much attention unless you translate too much. You feel itchy, the fluid has an abnormal odor or it makes you very uncomfortable. This is an inevitable result of the stagnation and compression that is taking place in the pelvic area and hormonal activity.
  • From 35 weeks onwards, sometimes you will have a sudden electric-like feeling in your bladder. You will be startled, and feel like you are about to arrive. As long as you do not have other symptoms showing that you may have a urinary tract infection, you should not worry. Because if this is your first child, your baby may be burrowed into your pelvis and that bony head is not far from your sensitive bladder. You can change your posture a bit to feel better, but it’s just because your uterus is becoming too cramped.

How did your psychology change?

  • Both of you are excited at the 35th week of pregnancy. Your mind will often daydream, imagine what your baby will look like, how you’ll hold your baby, and wonder if he or she will step in. how is my life You may be worried and frightened, not sure if everything is okay with the baby, and what to expect if your baby happens?
  • You may also be worried about how you will give birth. When we are afraid of the unforeseen, we tend to keep thinking of the worst situation and imagine the most tragic consequences. Most pregnant women will turn to their comfort sources, but not always. Keeping the fear in your heart only makes things worse, so find someone to confide in.
  • If you have set a birthday with the hospital, mark it in your diary or calendar. Take a few days to calm down before you get in so you can leisurely approach this important day. The last days of pregnancy are a game of waiting, and even if patience is not your virtue, keep calm. Taking care of yourself, letting things go naturally will save you anger, anxiety, which is not good for you at all.

How does a 35-week-old fetus grow and how much does it weigh?

  • Your 35-week fetus will gain weight significantly, about 500gr. If you feel hungry, go after your body and eat. The energy from the food you eat goes directly to the baby, helping them store fat and fullness.
  • The 35-week fetus doesn’t have much room to turn around in the womb, but it can still find some comfortable position. You may feel your baby expressing opposition whenever it feels too cramped. A kick to the ribs or pelvis is often a reminder that mom has to stand up, move a little, or even shake a few hips.
  • The soft undercoat, which is covering the baby’s body, is now indented. Most will get back into the baby’s intestines, mix into the waste, and will be emptied through the first defecation of the baby’s life after leaving the mother’s body. The white Vernix Caseosa grease covering the baby’s skin will now also retract in.

Pregnant mother week 35 should do?

  • Take a picture of these last weeks of pregnancy to sort them all in chronological order. You will then look at these pictures again, and wonder how much skin you can stretch. Measure your waist with a tape measure and measure the diameter across your belly button. See how fast your waist grows within a few weeks. Take notes in your calendar and track the growth of your pregnancy.
  • Be diligent in reading the literature on childbirth for an active and smooth delivery. Parents who are prepared to have a baby will often find themselves part of that birth, unlike an outsider who can only look on. If you are planning to give birth at home, tell the midwife what you need. Make a list of emergency phone numbers, and place them right next to your phone.
  • Pack your bags of essential items for your delivery at the hospital. Remember the following: things for bathing and personal hygiene, clothes for you and your baby, newborn diapers, medicines, insurance cards, health insurance package details, names list of phone numbers of close family and friends; and most importantly: your pillow. And if you forget something, your dad can still bring you to the hospital.